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About Us

  Black Hills Business Source wants to be your source for all things business. We offer, office supplies, janitorial supplies break room and office furniture in addition to space planning and design. We do our best to make doing business locally fair, affordable, and as easy as possible. 

     You already buy what we sell somewhere. So why buy from us instead? Maybe it's our service and attention to detail. Maybe you would prefer to buy from a local business that gives back to our community rather than supporting some big box store. Perhaps you want the convenience of doing business online, but also want next day free delivery (on most items) from people you know.  

     Here's something to think about: How much are you REALLY saving sending an employee to a big box store for supplies? Since we are already competitively priced, have you factored in the cost of time away from productivity? Gas? Vehicle wear and tear? Wouldn't that employee better serve your business doing their job instead of walking around a store or waiting in line?  Don't like to order online? No problem. We will come to you. You can email us, text us, send us a telegram or letter, fax your order in... in short, what works for YOU? Let us find a way to help you. We look forward to being YOUR SOURCE.

Office chairs
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Office supplies
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