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office supplies


What all do we sell?

We sell new office furniture, office products, office supplies, janitorial and sanitation supplies and offer hundreds of thousands of products.  We also provide space planning, fingerprinting and background checks through We have some custom butcherblock sit to stand desking as well.

Where can I find your catalog?

You can come in for a physical catalog OR you can always click on "shop now" above.  You'll be able to create an account and place orders etc. We look at EVERY order that is placed to ensure you are getting the best price. Your pricing may go down after you place an order for your office supplies but it will never go up!  We also like ITEMINFO.COM as an easy to navigate catalog. It's not OUR site but it has almost all the items we sell.

Is that price in the catalog MY price?

Often people get confused when they see the "List" price in a catalog. This is basically just the suggested retail price set by the manufacturer. YOUR price is anywhere from 10%-40% off that price. If you are logged in under your account on our shopping page then you will see YOUR price. We often set contract pricing for our customers on individual items that you use more of to get you a better deal. If you provide a usage list or even just an idea of some of your top items we will work with you to make sure you are getting the best possible pricing on office products and office supplies.

Why aren't you open weekends?

The majority of our business is ordered online, the next day we deliver. We DO open on weekends by appointment. If you are walking around the mall and see something in the window just text John at the number posted on the window and If I'm available, I'll come open up just for you or tell you the next time we will be open.

We are a small company and hope to grow enough to hire weekend help! We appreciate your patience.

What's up with the fingerprints?

The fingerprinting, I9 verification and background checks/photos etc are all part of Fieldprint who has a kiosk in our store. We have no control or access to the appointments/files etc. All questions about their services should be directed to them. We of course are happy to work with them to provide this service for our customers.

Is there anything else I should know?

Sure! You should check out if you need voiceovers for video/audio/podcasting/commercials/phone systems etc. These are just some of the things offered by Wattsvoice LLC. 

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